Project Title: Scraping Company Details from OTCMarkets

Project Description:
I need data gathering based on specific categories I will provide from a Single online source.

easy job, doesn’t need tones of google search.

One source. Only needs attention to details and organizing the data correctly.

Here is the requirement:

1) Go to
2) In the attached excel sheet you will see a company “primarysymbol” field.
3) Enter the primarysymbol in the “Quote” search box.
4) Click on the Company Profile tab.
5) On the left-hand side you will find “Company Details”, which may or may not include
Company physical address,
Phone number,
Email address.

Those all need to be added to the excel.

If the company does not have one of the above fields that is okay, please skip.

This project should be rather simple and take no more than a few hours.

Please contact me for further instructions.


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