Project Title: Scraping Data from

Project Description:

I am looking for someone who can build a web scraping script that will pull data from the following website:

Here is the process that I use to do the task manually (I would like you to build a program, ideally in VBA, that does this automatically):

1. Open Spreadsheet (I will provide)
2. Open and select “Reverse Address”
3. Copy Address (Column A) into the search bar
4. Copy City (Column C) and State (Column D) in 2nd part of the search bar on
5. Press search button
6. Select “View Details” on the result that matches the owner name in the spreadsheet
7. Put the resulting phone numbers and email address from the website into the spreadsheet

I can go over the process with you in further detail via video chat before we start the project so we can make sure we are both on the same page.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on