Project Title: Script for Scraping Google Maps

Project Description:
We want for a web scrapping expert to collect data from google maps and from webpages.

What we are searching for is the following information:

• Name of the Business
• Link of Google place for the Property
• Type of Property (eg Club, Restaurant etc)
• Email
• Phone number
• Address
• Country
• Website Link
• Latitude – Longitude
• Instagram Link
• Facebook Link
• Other available data

The language to be used are any as you prefer.

You will be given an excel sheet with the coordinates of interest.

The coordinates will be different beaches across Europe and we need to find information of all the available businesses near the beach.

For all the properties that have a business website, you should create an algorithm that will scrap their website and find their email if you don’t have it, their Facebook and Instagram page.

We are open to discuss more efficient ways to scrap this data or to have a more complete output.

Deliverable: An excel output and an automation script used to create the excel output.

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