Project Title: Social Media Data Scraping

Project Description:


We are interested in collecting social media data on a range of different brands (around 175 in total).

The platforms we are looking at are:

– Pinterest
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Facebook

We might also start looking at Snap and TikTok, but unclear what data we can collect here.


– Spreadsheet with what we want to track (“Social media data”)

– Spreadsheet with all the brands we want to track (“Brands”)


– Scrape all the social media data listed in the data spreadsheet for each of the brands in this spreadsheet.

– Please do a SAMPLE / TEST to see what this would look like.

– Script used to scrape the data.

– Raw data files

– Clear description of process.

What we are looking for:

– Someone expert who have experience in scraping social media data previously.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on