Project Title: Tool to Extract Tweets from Twitter Account

Project Description:
You will be asked to create a script/tool that monitors @GoalNHL twitter accounts for new tweets every minute (or 5 minutes), and when it finds a new tweet, script will copy and paste that tweet into a new row on a Excel Sheet.

The script needs to parse the tweet into the following columns:

TIMESTAMP: when tweet was made
GOAL = first person (here, “Colin Blackwell”)
ASSIST1= second person (here, “Mattias Ekholm”)
ASSIST2= third person (here, “Ryan Johansen”)
SCORE1 = “1”
SCORE2 = “2”
GAMETIME = “04:36 1st”

This is what a tweet from @GoalNHL looks like:

NSH: Colin Blackwell (3) assists: Mattias Ekholm (25), Ryan Johansen (22) Goalie Craig Anderson (NSH 1, OTT 2 – 04:36 1st)

Please note that there will always be a name in the “GOAL” column, but that some tweets may not contain an ASSIST2 name, and may not include both an ASSIST1 and an ASSIST2 name.

I don’t care about the “Goalie” text, or the numbers in brackets like the “(3)” after Colin Blackwell’s name.

Let me know if you guys can do this project? What would be the cost for making such a tool?

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