Project Title: Web Scraper for Ecommerce Websites and Marketplaces

Project Description:

I want to build a spreadsheet catalog of all my ecommerce listings across several marketplaces.

The problem is that my inventory is different for each marketplace that I sell on.

I may have double listed something and I do not know.

For this job I need you to scrape all my listings in each of my stores into a Excel Sheet (including one product photo if possible).

On some places there is no pagination and there is infinite scroll.

Here are the marketplaces:

The largest inventory I have for one marketplace is about 700-800 items (but some channels are small like 140 listings).

They are likely the same products, just not evenly distributed.

There is definite overlap in inventory and there are lots of listings I need to cross-list, which is why I need to build this catalog.

I do not know how long the process will take so I’m open to suggestions.

However, budget is a concern and I would need a copy of each scraper you produce so I can extract data in the future for my own accounts.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on