Web Scraping API

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We provide the best quality Web Scraping API, the web scraping mainly focuses on retrieving the information across multiple websites. A wide range of tools & applications is used for converting the voluminous data into a structured format for the user. By making use of the API one can gain easy access to the data of the operating system or any application.

It provides great accessibility for the information like API Call when done with the product URL it can provide the product data in a fraction of seconds. It can also associate with the pricing intelligence tools in order to monitor the product prices. It’s just like a private API for shopping websites. With the single API when used, you can query multiple websites & get the information. These API helps in withdrawing the event, finance, travel, etc.

Web Crawling

We provide a web scraping API that lets you scrape any website, including websites that implement IP blacklisting, captchas, and other anti-bot mechanisms. Forget about server setup and maintenance and let us handle it for you.

Product & Price Information

Our web scraping API lets you monitor product and price information with reviews, availability, etc. our API helps you develop an entirely automated investment and pricing strategy. Analyze the pricing of competitors, as well as stock availability, product descriptions, reviews, and much more. This allows you to fully automate your pricing strategies and product trends.

Travel Fare Aggregation

Data can be collected from hotels, flight, and online travel companies’ websites. Ensure a fast data gathering process, and overcome any challenges you may encounter while collecting data.

Real Estate Data

Create an alert for properties matching your criteria by pulling real estate data from real estate platforms. this allows you to understand the current market development and situation. When making smart buying decisions, these data are crucial. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market by collecting and analyzing real estate data from multiple platforms, improving your searches, or creating alerts using the data.

Hiring & Job Data

Web scraping API helps you analyze the hiring strategies of other companies by extracting vacancies from job boards and career pages. The API provides you with the total number of vacancies, the hiring focus, and other valuable data. by scraping job boards and career pages, we provide you with valuable information about the number of open spots, new hires, and other valuable details.

Financial data

Take the time to compile multiple sources of information and identify your risk and opportunity to make the right business decisions. Investing in 100% sure and authentic data will help you determine your future success.

Sales Leads

Utilizing our web scraping API allows your sales team to devote their time and effort to those leads that fit the target group. Scouring websites for contact data doesn’t seem that difficult, but having highly-targeted leads is.

Customer’s Reviews

Our web scraping API helps you collect disparate online review data into one place and turn them into customer insights. Our web scraping API supports all major review platforms and lets you export review data in a uniform format. Customer intelligence processes can be enhanced by gathering and analyzing reviews from all over the internet in one place. Respect their different aspects to better understand your customers and their needs.

Mass web crawling With our API, you can crawl any website you are targeting in bulk, and the latest anti-bot detection tools ensure that high success rates are achieved.

WebScrapingAPI Features:

If you have any requirement related to the Web Scraping API than, Logicwis provides a perfect solution for all your requirements.

Never be blocked

Having to deal with CAPTCHAs and IP blocks is one of the most frustrating things about web scraping. We scrape using a Web Scraping API that rotates IP addresses randomly, sourced from the group of millions of proxies across over a dozen ISPs. We also repeat failed requests to prevent being blocked. With Web Scraping APIs you can also deal with CAPTCHAs so that you can concentrate your efforts on turning websites into useful data.

Fully Customized

This Web Scraping API allows you to customize headers, request types, IP geolocations, and more. Our Web Scraping API is easy to use and easy to understand. JavaScript can easily be extracted with the headless browser by setting render=”true”. Reprocess several times the IP addresses.

Quick and Dependable

The proxies are automatically pruned once in a while and we guarantee unlimited bandwidth, allowing crawlers to work at speeds up to 100Mb/s. Because we eliminate the need for proxy infrastructure across 20 different ISPs, we provide unbeatable speed and reliability so that you can easily create accessible web scrapers.

If you have any requirements related to the Web Scraping API, Logicwis provides a perfect solution for all your requirements.