Big Data

Big Data Analytics

Perfect Destination to Accumulate and Maintain data through Efficient Database!

Big Data Analytics

Perfect Destination to Accumulate and Maintain data through Efficient Database!

Big Data Analytics is the complex process of analyzing giant data sets to divulge invisible patterns, anonymous correlations, trends, client’s choice and various other important information. The analytics can lead to more competent marketing, new revenue circumstances, better client assistance, improved viable expertise, cutthroat profit against opponent organizations.

LogicWis through its Big Data Analytics technique assist organizations to better perceive the information held within the data and also help you determine the data which is most important for you future business actions.

LogicWis primarily aims to provide you the services that helps you in conceptualizing and carrying out a well-thought big data program through numerous domains and market areas.

Big data analytics mainly focus on filtering large amount of data and utilizing analytics and insights to make improved business strategies and determining future plans. LogicWis have a great experience and ability to work and handle various analytics tools that varies us from other Big data analytics companies.

Through our Big Data Analytics we enable our clients to:

  • Acquire the suitable path to accumulate and relate with data.
  • Bringing together the different data stored across the database to produce litigable insights.
  • Establish Big data solutions through large marketplaces.
  • Recognize and deal with big data security risks beforehand.
  • Protect and preserve big data services easily.

Process & Services included in Big Data Analytics process are:

  • Understanding business specifications and illustrating logical solutions:-  Beginning with the thorough overview of your business needs which includes both urgent and future ones, we hand over a logical solution which meet your momentary as well as long-lasting goals.
  • Designing Architecture & Choosing Technology:-  We suggest an optimal architecture for the solution and help you select the right technology stack among numerous options.
  • Implementing our Solutions:-We then implement an repetitive approach through which clients can regulate their big data solutions for their business needs.
  • Maintenance and Support:-  We provide full technical support incase of any issues with our data solutions. Also, we assist our clients with the new and changing requirements for the big data analytics.

We attain the maximum potentials from your data to deliver big data and analytics services to help you build up your foundation and identify new opportunities that empower growth.

Various Big Data Analytics we perform at LogicWis

Operational Analytics

Includes use of numerous data mining & data aggregation tools to derive clear details to define business plans

Customer Analytics

Standardized analysis of Customer’s data and their behaviour to determine and retain the most advantageous customers.

Analytics for Fraud Prevention

Big data analytics assist in determining doubtful activities and avoid possible frauds.

Industries for which Big Data Analytics works

Our Big Data analytics assist you in analyzing vast information to offer you the deepest insights into the unidentified opportunities.

  • Big Data Analytics for Healthcare Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Real Estate Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Education/eLearning Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for eCommerce Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Media & Entertainment Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Social Networking Sites
  • Big Data Analytics for Energy Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Logistic & Distribution Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Retail Industry
  • Big Data Analytics for Construction Industry

Big Data Analytics Benefits

Big data analytics helps you in getting better knowledge of market trends and conditions. It also does the sentiment analysis of your customers which helps in maintaining online reputation and improving the social presence.

  • Larger the data volume, more broad would be the over-all view of information, expanding insight and depth of information to ensure better future plans.
  • Using different Big Analytics tools like Hadoop and Cloud-based analytics, you can get a good amount of cost saved for large amount of data that need to be stored.
  • Tools like Hadoop and in-memory analytics helps you determine new opportunities and sources of data for your business, to make quicker decisions by reducing a time.
  • Assists you in learning trends and needs of customers to plan your business strategies accordingly.
  • Assists in detecting frauds as soon as it happens so that you can control and prevent them from occurring.