Pricing Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence

Best affordable solution to Compare and Monitor Competitor’s Price!

Pricing Intelligence

In today’s Era, it is much important for companies to constantly monitor and analyze competitor’s price. LogicWis provides you the best solution for Price monitoring so that you can know where you are positioned in the market.

LogicWis provides you very customized and accurate solutions to Monitor and Compare competitor’s price. We show how prices are changing, by how much, how frequently and when.

We track item-level prices on real time for millions of products across multiple countries, currencies and languages on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

We monitor and analyze the price strategies of your competitor which helps you make your business up-to-date to gain market share.

We undertake the following process under price intelligence services:

  1. You List the Websites with necessary Information
  2. Understanding Requirement Flow to define Feasibility
  3. Providing Best Quotation
  4. Free Trial
  5. Start Project & Manage Payment
  6. Set-up Customized Price Monitoring and Comparison code
  7. Track Progress
  8. Quality Check Process
  9. Scheduled Data Delivery in Desired Format
  10. Customer Feedback & Questionnaires

LogicWis provide overall solutions for Price Monitoring to stay ahead in market.

Different Types of Pricing Intelligence


Hospitality Price Intelligence

LogicWis extracts real-time rates of Hotel Rooms from numerous travelling and hotel websites to assist you plan your pricing strategy.

Ecommerce Price Intelligence

We go through different sellers, their products and product pricing to offer you the top sellers data to get the up-to-date offers of your competitors.

Retail Industry Price Intelligence

Acquire market intelligence about retail & distribution monitoring by tracking competitor’s products, fictitious sales of products, ratings and feedbacks of products.

Travel Industry Price Intelligence

Experience real-time travel price intelligence service that uses unique techniques which helps in assembling travel data from different portals to compare & monitor prices.

Working with LogicWis offers you following advantages:

  • We offer complete price and product insights across market to get the data from your top competitor’s website. The data also includes various other important information related to products.
  • Match your product rates with your top competitors as per the time frequency you decide. We provide personalized monitoring for our each and every customer.
  • Our anticipating algorithms monitors and compares the sales data composed from your opponents and find the most prominent products and their prices.
  • Following a large group of competitors across the web and scheduling new sales actions based on information extracted from various sellers.
  • LogicWis provides the customized alerts for any variation in the rates or schemes for any specific product to help you stay ahead in the market.
  • We offer you latest techniques and algorithms to track and monitor prices and products for different sellers as you require.