Forum, Blogs and Review Websites Scraping

Forum Website Scraping Services

The LogicWis provide the premium quality Forum Website Scraping Services for its national & international clients. If you willing to run the sentiment analysis or track your competitors its mandatory to scrape the forum data. No matter what is your requirement, you can easily attain your desired result using our services.

The forums are the rich source of information which are very beneficial for the business growth. The best part is to get the clean & well structure data from any forum which can be further used for different purposes.

We provide a wide range of the scraping service which you can easily avail the benefits. And, we provide a fully managed forum scraping solutions which provide you hassle free services. The only time our clients are involved in the scraping process is when they are providing their scraping requirement which mainly include the search term for searching, keyword, data delivery method, extraction frequency & the format in which data is to be delivered (CSV, TXT, XML, HTML, JSON, etc.).

The information can be extracted from the top most forums like Quora, Reddit, Site Point, vBulletin, Digital Point, Stack Overflow, Warrior Forum, etc.

The following Data Fields are pulled or scraped from WordPress Websites, vBulletin Forums, and phpBB Forum Script Websites:

Forum Threads


Author Name


Featured Images

Website List


Blogs Website Scraping Services

The large numbers of the blogs are scanned by making use of the scraper in order to search or copy the content, this process is known as the Blog Scraping. And, beside the information collected are used for the further purposes. We have a great experience in this field & are providing the greatest solution related to Blog Scraping Services. No matter what is your requirement related to the blog scraping we would provide an exact solution for all your requirements. Our expert team provide you the exact solution for all the types of scraping services.

The extracted information when properly used for analysis, it can also be used for the analysis purpose & if used appropriately can provide you the best result for the business.

Review Website Scraping Services

Our company helps other companies from different industries to make proper utilization of the rating & reviews in order to boost their growth, customer happiness & manage their brand in an efficient way. The LogicWis provide the best Review Website Scraping Services that also on exclusive prices & offers.

We mainly gather the customers review available on internet & organise them in a structured format. And, these reviews further when used in efficient way can be proved to be beneficial for your business & services.

Requirement of Scraping for Review

Performing Sentiment Analysis
The sentiment analysis can be easily performed by utilizing the review data. And, this analysis directly helps in determining the user emotion toward the product or service provided by us. If they are used appropriately it can positively help to make your brand, product or service amongst clients.

Online Reputation Monitoring
If you are involved in a providing wide range of the product or service categories than the monitoring reputation of single product become very difficult. If you make use of the scraping technique than this work can be done in a couple of second. It helps in the proper extraction of the review, which can be implemented as input for the product & marketing analysis. On the other hand it can be used as a tool for understanding the sentiment of people toward the organization.

Optimizing Dropshipping Sale
A business type in which seller doesn’t keep any product stock, but yet they accept order. And, in this case review data is very beneficial for them for creating product list, sell product which are highly demanded & sell can be altered as per the client requirement. It also helps them in identifying & following the market trend.

We provide the premium quality Review Data Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has a great experience in providing the Blog Scraping Services & we served hundreds of clients across the country.

The Right Service from Right Organization provide Right Results for your business.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirement related to Forum Data Scraping Services & other scraping service. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.