One of the biggest investments a person will ever make is buying a home. A choice of this magnitude requires much thought and deliberation. Site scraping and data-driven methods are being used by real estate organisations to help customers make the best choice possible.

A successful real estate firm requires careful planning and strategy. Planning must be supported by complete sets that can provide important insights in order to help real estate organisations grow and prosper.

Web scraping is then used in this situation. Real estate data scraping is the process of scouring vast amounts of data across numerous websites in order to collect, examine, and draw pertinent information.Regularly emerging listings and properties make it practically impossible to manually keep track of them or identify any trends.

Our Idealista web scraper takes a number of factors into account in order to provide you the best results possible. This article will show you how to use no code to scrape Idealista’s real estate listings for sale and rent.

The Idealista web crawler from Logicwis Marketplace will be used.

Extracting Data Fields from Idealista Property Listings:

Extracting Data Fields from Idealista Property Listings

  • Basic_Description
  • Title
  • House_Type
  • Price
  • Garden
  • Lift
  • Floor
  • Garage
  • Floor
  • Land_Plot_SQM
  • Detailed_Description
  • Latitude
  • Estinated_Map
  • Longitude
  • itemKey
  • URL
  • Location
  • Timestamp
  • Listing_Updated
  • Condition
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Year-Built
  • Region
  • Town
  • GMapLink

How to Extract Data from Idealista Property Listings

You can learn how to scrape Idealista property listings data using the Idealista web crawler by following the instructions listed below.

  1. Visit the webpage for Logicwis. Afterward, press the web crawler button.
  2. Your email address can be used to register.
  3. Find the Idealista Property listings web crawler once you have access to web crawlers.
  4. You will be taken to the Logicwis console page when you click on the Idealista Property listings web crawler, where you may create new tasks.
  5. By entering the desired URL, you can download the data listings.
  6. You can pick the maximum number of products you wish to extract while selecting your proxy options.
  7. The data can be downloaded in the desired format, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, HTML table, and RSS feed, once the scraper has completed its task.

The data can then be uploaded to your system and used as a spreadsheet in a variety of ways.

What Benefits Can Data Scraping from Idealista Property Listings Offer?

To gain a competitive edge in the real estate market, scraping real estate data is absolutely essential. The uses of scraping Idealista data are listed below for your reference.

1. Enhanced Real Estate Activities

One of the areas of the real estate market that has received the most research is competitive pricing monitoring. A property must always be priced fairly. It can’t be too pricey or it will drive away customers, but it also can’t be too inexpensive or people won’t take it into consideration. Real estate agents can use web scraping to help them price their listings in a way that appeals to their target audience.

By compiling information on nearby homes and determining a price that makes a profit depending on the amenities, they may determine the average property price.

2. Keeping an eye on rivals

You will be more ready to sell your house if you keep an eye on what your rivals are doing. Knowing your competitors helps you stay on top of your game and enables you to develop creative solutions to deal with them.

3. Monitoring the Vacancy Rate

One may simply keep track of how frequently a property is rented and its current pricing by continuously pulling data from real estate websites. Finding new opportunities for growth and business through analysis of this data.

A great place to start when developing a data-driven strategy for expanding your business is by scraping Idealista’s property listing information. With the help of our Idealista web scraper, it’s simpler than ever. At the touch of a button, you will be faced with a plethora of facts.

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