Lawyers / Attorneys Data Scraping

The LogicWis provide the best Lawyer Data Scraping Service to extract the information related to the lawyers & attorney journals. You can get the service of the topmost lawyer at an affordable price. Sometimes it becomes urgent to identify the latest information about the lawyer of a particular city or location. In such a situation, people gather more data about these professions.

In such a case, data scraping is the best solution that provides you information related to the lawyer’s name, address, contact details, etc. The main benefit of these Lawyer & Attorney Journal Data Scraping is that it is a fast process as compared to the traditional manual one.

Data can be populated in a variety of formats, including Excel spreadsheets, CSVs, MySQL, MS-Access tables, XMLs, MSSQLs, and HTML files. We provide premium quality Lawyer Data Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has great experience in providing Data Scraping Services & we have served hundreds of clients across the country.

The Right Service from Right Organization provides the Right Results for your business.

Lawyers Email List

The most accurate lawyers email database and law firm email database. Our attorney list is made up of top lawyers working for corporations and law firms with savvy legal expertise. Using the Attorney’s email list, you can convert them into returning customers by offering attractive offers and discounts. Get in touch for the cost-effective Attorneys email list.

State Bar Associations Data Scraping

Logicwis can scrape or extract lists of lawyers from the State bar websites for you if you need updated and latest information about the lawyers and attorneys in any city or location. There are huge number of popular statebar sites like as calbar, cobar, azbar, wisbar, dcbar, floridabar, hsba, kybar, mainebar, texasbar, nebar, nmbar, ncbar, ohiobar, wvbar, wyomingbar, vibar, sdbar, ribar, osbar, nhbar, mobar, massbar, iowabar, isba, arkbar and others.

Lawyers/ Law Firm Directory Scraping

Logicwis can meet the data scraping needs of all large, medium, or small businesses. We have all the expertise in data scraping and web research, as well as we obtain lawyers’ data or law firms’ information. We’ve done thousands of scraping projects with the best outcomes. We can scrape profile details, lawyers/ law firm reviews and contact details from directories.

The fields stated below can be extracted using the Lawyer data scraping services:

Lawyer Name

Firm Address


Attorney Name

Firm City


Attorney Language

Firm State

Firm Website

Current Status

Firm Country

Bar Id



Practice Area

Legal Speciality



List of Popular Lawyers Directories

US News (Lawyers)










Local Legal Authorities








US Legal



List of State Lawyer Licensing Databases

State Bar AssociationsWebsiteState Bar AssociationsWebsite
AK State Bar Associationwww.alaskabar.orgState Bar of AZwww.azbar.org
State Bar of CAwww.calbar.orgCO Bar Associationwww.cobar.org
DE State Bar Associationwww.dsba.orgDC Bar Associationwww.dcbar.org
AR Bar Associationwww.arkbar.comCT Bar Associationwww.ctbar.org
FL Barwww.floridabar.orgGA State Barwww.gabar.org
HI State Bar Associationwww.hsba.orgID State Barhttp://isb.idaho.gov
IL State Bar Associationwww.isba.orgIN State Barwww.inbar.org
IA State Bar Associationwww.iowabar.orgKS Bar Associationwww.ksbar.org
KY State Barwww.kybar.orgLA State Bar Associationwww.lsba.org
ME State Bar Associationwww.mainebar.orgMD State Bar Associationwww.msba.org
MA Bar Associationwww.massbar.orgState Bar of MIwww.michbar.org
MN State Bar Associationwww.mnbar.orgMS Barwww.msbar.org
MO Barwww.mobar.orgState Bar of MTwww.montanabar.org
NE State Bar Associationwww.nebar.comState Bar of NVwww.nvbar.org
NH Bar Associationwww.nhbar.orgNJ State Bar Associationwww.njsba.com
State Bar of NMwww.nmbar.orgNY State Bar Associationwww.nysba.org
NC Bar Associationwww.ncbar.orgState Bar Association of NDwww.sband.org
OH State Bar Associationwww.ohiobar.orgOK Bar Associationwww.okbar.org
OR State Barwww.osbar.orgPA Bar Associationwww.pabar.org
RI State Barwww.ribar.comState Bar of SCwww.scbar.org
State Bar of SDwww.sdbar.orgTN Bar Associationwww.tba.org
State Bar of TXwww.texasbar.comUT State Barwww.utahbar.org
VT Bar Associationwww.vtbar.orgVA State Barwww.vsb.org
Virgin Islands Bar Associationwww.vibar.orgWA State Bar Associationwww.wsba.org
WV State Barwww.wvbar.orgWI Bar Associationwww.wisbar.org
WY State Barwww.wyomingbar.org

Attorney Mailing Lists by Specialty & Other Details:

Bankruptcy Lawyer Email List

Finance &Securities Lawyer Email List

Business Lawyer Email List

General Practice Lawyer Email List

Civil Litigation Lawyer Email List

Government Lawyer Mailing List

Civil Rights Lawyer Email List

Immigration Lawyer Mailing List

Contract Lawyer Mailing List

Intellectual Property Lawyer List

Criminal Lawyer Mailing List

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer List

Employment Lawyer Email List

Military Lawyer Email List

Entertainment Lawyer List

Personal Injury Lawyer Email List

Estate Planning Lawyer List

Real Estate Lawyer Email List

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Lawyer & Attorney Data Scraping Services & other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.