Prospecting Email Database / Website Email Extractor

The prospecting database helps the clients to generate the information which helps you form the sales. The LogicWis provides the best Prospecting Email Database for our international & national clients. Email Prospecting is an identification of the process of researching, identifying & qualifying the cold email. By using this process, it ensures you that you are emailing the clients who are right for your services & products. And, it also provides you with valuable information which can be used for the personalization of future & current messages.

Website Email Extractor

The website email extraction helps in providing great attention, to contact through using email communication. In order to have quick recognition & to reach your client, it is very beneficial. For having the required results, you can avail of our Email Scraping Services. We provide the topmost email extraction service by which you can easily target required users on websites. The data collected using our service would prove to be beneficial for your business.

Extract Email Id’s from Websites

It is one of the fastest & supple email extracting services which are website scraper & email id harvesters. And, the LogicWis can easily collect the email id information from the required websites which are specified by our clients. The data extracted online can be used for a variety of purposes & we provide in a variety of formats like Text Files, CSV or Excel Files, which is very helpful for you.

Prospecting B2B database

There are many ways to collect information from B2B companies, especially through the business directories. We can extract email list from various b2b directories like as,,,,,,, googlemap,,,, etc.

Company Name

Email ID

Address, City, State, Zip

Website URL

Telephone Number

NAF Code

Prospecting B2C database

B2C customer records may take a little longer to set up than B2B information (even if the lists are already prepared and ready to rent) because you will need to collect targeted information and then qualify it.

First Name

Last Name



Phone Number

Email address

Family status

Postal addresses

We provide premium quality Email Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has great experience in providing Data Scraping Services & we have served hundreds of clients across the country.

The Right Service from Right Organization provides the Right Results for your business.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Prospecting Email Database& other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.