Real Estate Property & Housing Data Scraping

Web Scraping plays a significant role in the real estate sector. There is a rapid growth always seen in the property market. And, many fluctuations are also observed in the sectors to keeping watch on these data is a great challenge.

By doing the proper web scraping, we can provide the assurance that extracted information about the real estate is credible, precise & is up to date. By observing this data one can easily predict that the real estate market would rise or fall. And, those who are involved in the real estate business it helps to decide the better pricing & about taking the proper decision. Fresh & updated data would help you to provide the positive result for the business.

We provide the premium quality Real Estate Property & Housing Data Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has a great experience in providing the Data Scraping Services & we served hundreds of clients across the country. The Right Service from Right Organization provides Right Results for your business.

Property Data which can be collected by Real Estate Web Scraping:

The information or the data fields which can be scraped using the data scraping services for the real estate are as follows: 

 Property Address

 Property Images

 Sale Price

 Rental Price

 Number of Bed Rooms & Baths

 Area, Parking Spaces


 Pricing and Tax History

 Neighbourhood details

 Agent, Owner contact details

 Days on Market, Year Built etc.


The information stated above can be extracted using the Real Estate data scraping services & even if you required any details than we would provide you the best solution for the data scraping of the real estate data. Data extraction from real estate websites like, Zillow, MLS, Trulia, etc. is done by a web scraping company because it reduces mining time significantly.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers data scraped by Web Scraping:

A real estate agent’s details are extracted and displayed on a website to encourage business through up-to-date information. Forums, directories, listing profiles, etc., are used to get more information.

Agent Information

Property Data

Street Name



State/Zip Code

Property Size

Facts & Features


Price Data

Real Estate Provider




Local MLS Data scraping by Web Scraping:

Logicwis offers the Best Local MLS Listings Scraping Services, and this information can be used for starting up your real estate business, running an industry portal, or doing a detailed market analysis.

We can scrape MLS listings using our local MLS listing data scraping services. All we need is the listing of MLS listing websites and the data you need from them.

A list of popular real estate websites from which Real Estate Data can be scraped

There are a number of popular real estate websites worldwide from which property listings data can be scraped, including the following.













FSBO (for sale by owners)

Mortgage Intelligence Services

Mortgage Intelligence is the ability to manage mortgage portfolio in an organized and efficient manner in the form of a self-image of a company. The purpose of mortgage intelligence scraping is to obtain information about mortgages, homes for sale, foreclosures, and more, and Logicwis excels at it.

Real Estate Aggregation

Web scraping obtains real-time data from the rich database to identify prime market properties as well as markets of interest for businesses. Real estate aggregation helps businesses understand what is happening in the larger market as well as align their property marketing accordingly.

Competition Monitoring

Monitor competitors by web scraping for real-time price information. Businesses can react to price changes and remain competitive by scraping the web.

Apartment & Real Estate Listings

By scraping apartment and real estate listings, you’ll always have fresh, current listings to choose from, so you can make changes to the site as necessary.

Estimating Rental Yields

The lowest/highest rental rates for properties in a given location and what types of properties are popular in that area can be determined.

Monitoring Vacancy Rates

Data can be incorporated into Real estate processes, which can be used to better calculate expected vacancy rates and determine the best time to buy or sell a property.

Real Estate Market Tracking

Using data, determine the best time to buy or sell real estate by staying on top of the national and global real estate market.

Investment Opportunities

Discover the best areas to invest in commercial and residential properties, as well as special economic zones, by monitoring real estate investment activity.

Investment Security

Research crime, safety and risk information thoroughly before you invest to better understand the odds and make more money.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Real Estate Property & Housing Data Services & other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by LogicWis.