Search Engine Results Scraping

Search Engine Scraping is a technique in which the URLs, Description & Other Information are harvested from different search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, Sogou, Petal, etc. You can understand the information which can be scraped from different sources & can be used for research or business. The tools commonly known as the Search Engine Scraper are used for harvesting the data across the search engines. They mainly allow the collection of the result for the stated query & return the data in a structured form.

Useful Data Sources from Search Engines

The main benefit of the company to gather data is it helps in improving the search engine ranking & helps in diverting more organic traffic to the sites. Some business is also scraping the search engine & makes use of that insight in order to help other companies for making it more visible.

Scraping Search Engine Results

The different types of information can be scraped using Search Engine Scraping but most commonly it is used for gathering the keywords relevant to the industry & their SERPs ranking. By using these details wisely, they can make use of the proper SEO technique & also take the decision which is beneficial for the business. Besides, they can make use of several approaches which also helps them in providing a great challenge to their competitors.

The SERP result when scraped also helps in validating the search engine in order to find the most relevant information for the submitted queries. And, many advanced search engine tools are available in the market, which helps companies to identify that how time & geological location is affecting their product or services. It helps them to sell their product or provide their service in the market.

Data Field List
At LogicWis we scrape the following data field in search engine result scraping services

Site Domain

Web Page Title

Search Description

Web Page URL

Search Result Scraping Features

The LogicWis provides the best Google Search Result Scraping features

  • Searching can be done through keywords, websites, categories, or sub-categories.
  • The scraping can be easily done anonymously.
  • The extraction of a wide range of the data field can be done.
  • The product image can be downloaded.
  • The output data can be stored in MYSQL, XML,CSV, MS Access.
  • The customized delay between the web request can be set easily.

Google SERP Scraping Services

At LogicWis, we provide you with the best Google SERP Scraping Services in order to extract a list of organic & paid search results, ads, packs, etc. We are providing the services of the customized attribute withdrawal.

We provide the best Google Scraping Service which helps users to extract the data on the google engine like Google Images, Google News, Google Video, Google Web, Google Blogs, etc. As the data is scraped using our services can be saved in different databases like MS Excel, My SQL, MS Access, etc.

We provide premium quality Search Engine Data Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has great experience in providing Google Result Scraping Services & we served hundreds of clients across the country.

The Right Service from Right Organization provides the Right Results for your business.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Search Engine Result Scraping Services & other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.