Stock Market & Financial Data Scraping

We provide financial data scraping services like corporate information, turnover, news & information, news sources, political news, business news present supply rates, current stock rates data equities research & other finance-related information. We gather this information from thousands of sources & make it accessible for you in your required format.

We make use of the latest technology for scraping the data & solution provided by us is fast & effective. Financial firms can get & track a large amount of data from news, social media, articles, applications, etc. & the best way to avail the service of Financial Data Scraping Service.

Financial Data Feeds

The financial data feed mainly includes the future, IPO, historical data, end-of-day stock market data, real-time data, currencies, commodities, saving accounts, media, corporate announcements, equities, market data & other financial data. Our expert team helps in delivering you 100 % genuine data which is available in Text Files, CSV, or Excel Files.

We provide the following data fields for Stock Market Analysis & Financial Data Scraping Services.

At LogicWis, we provide the well structured & customized financial scraping services

Stock Price

Stock Name

Stock Market Prediction

Equity Research

Credit Rating

Economic News

Virtual Currency Data

Market Cap

Venture Capital

CPE Ratio

Scam & Fraud Data

Company Historical News

Dividend & Yield


Financial Data Scraping Services

A hundred of information like changes in securities, income reports, Twitter, volumes, investment funds, futures, market price & many other statistics can be gathered. LogicWis makes use of the cutting edge & latest technology for providing the most accurate for your needs.

Company Information
We can scrape any type of information like balance sheet, revenue, turnover data, creditor, resources details, interest income, etc. of about any company which you desire.

Alternative Web Data
In this, we can gather information depending upon the client action, client experience, customer movement data, etc.

Newsflash & Article Information
The details about the entire incident reported on the social network & news can be gathered. We at LogicWis, provide the news data scraping from any required field of finance, economics, politics, business, national news, international news, etc.

Equity Research Information
The statistic from the share market like BETA, Proposal & Ask, 52-week low & high, current stock rate, earlier estimate, volume data, price fluctuation, etc.

Financial Data & Credit Ratings
Derivative entities are evaluated in order to determine their ability to meet both principal and interest payments.

Venture Capital
Small businesses and start-ups need funding from big businesses, so before investing they need to research companies.

Risk compliance & Mitigation
You can improve your compliance position by monitoring resources such as court records, government regulations, sanctions lists, etc.

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Yahoo Finance



We provide premium quality Stock Market Data Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has great experience in providing Data Scraping Services & we have served hundreds of clients across the country.

The Right Service from Right Organization provides the Right Results for your business.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Financial Data Scraping Services & other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.