Telemarketing Data Providers / Cold Calling Lists

The LogicWis provides the best services related to b2b Telemarketing Phone Number Scraping Services.

With the help of our customize scraping tools, we can grab a huge list of targeted B2B Telemarketing database. Whenever you extract the contact information it provides you a fast lead generation for the sales & marketing team. The contact data extraction helps you maintain an updated database of customer information, leads & their contact information.

Type of Telemarketing Database / Cold Calling Lists Which Can Be Extracted

By making use of our phone number scraping tools we can easily extract the phone number of the targeted number by using the appropriate keywords. The information can be extracted in the desired format in Text Files, CSV, or Excel Files.

The updated data related to these phone numbers extractor gathered every day & the redundant data get eliminated automatically. We are also providing the Fax Number Scraping Services in which the company contact number can be easily extracted from the company website with a company or username.

The list of data fields for the Telemarketing Database are listed as follows.

Company Name





Phone Numbers








Business Category

We can scrape data for various categories such as:

Accounting & Tax Services

Legal Services

Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Lodging & Travel

Auto Sales & Service

Marketing & Advertising

Banking & Finance

News & Media

Business Services

Pet Services

Community Organizations

Real Estate

Dentists & Orthodontists

Restaurants & Nightlife


Shopping & Retail

Health & Wellness

Sports & Recreation

Health Care


Home Improvement



Wedding, Events & Meetings

Internet & Web Services

Telemarketing Database Scraping by Telemarketing Data Provider

The LogicWis provide the best Telemarketing Database which would prove to be beneficial in several ways.

  • If any client wants to form a strong customer relationship & turn them to be more loyal customers
  • In order to connect with the target customer & convert them
  • If any client aims to increase their B2B sales
  • In order to increase brand awareness
  • Can easily get the huge data of contact information from your desired sources.

No matter what is your requirements, Perfect solution for your requirement,  related to cold calling lists by one of best Telemarketing Data Provider. Our customized scraper effectively scrapes the mobile or phone number & helps you to connect with the right customer. You can get the huge contact information list on regular basis if you avail our services.

The extracted information is available in CSV, EXCEL, HTML, XML& JSON format.

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We provide the premium quality B2B Telemarketing Data at a reasonable price. Our company has great experience in providing Data Scraping Services & we have served hundreds of clients across the country. 

The Right Service from Right Organization provides the Right Results for your business.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Contact Number Scraping Services & other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.