Project Title: Amazon Web Scraper

Project Description:

I’m looking for a tool that can do the following,

1. Input a list of ASINs, and export a list of all details from or (depending on the setting).

2. Input a list of UPCs and export all associated ASINs with all details of those ASINs.

3. Input multiple keywords + QTYs (e.g. “baby toys” “300”, “camera” “450”) and it will return the first results of that keyword search on in the QTY that followed each key word… all details needed as well)

Input a brand name and return all results of listings with that brand as the brand (meaning only return listings that actually have that brand in the “brand” field (or “by”)

Input an amazon category + QTY, and export all details of the first QTY amount in that category.

When I mention “All details” above, I mean

• Title

• Description

• Bullets

• Shipping weight

• Item weight

• Dimensions

• Seller in buybox (merchant/amazon/FBA)

• Buybox price

• Seller count (how many sellers)

• Sales Rank

• Sales Rank category (category/sub-category/sub-sub category)

• Reviews average rating

• Reviews count

• Etc… (need many more details not listed above)


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