Project Title: Build Amazon Price Scraper

Project Description:
Looking for someone who can build a price scraper.

The first site will be Amazon. We will create a CSV with a list of UPC Numbers and will upload it to our web server.

The scraper will process this CSV when we run the script.

The scraper will add new columns to the CSV with
1. lowest price
2. lowest business price (if possible)
3. fulfillment type (Amazon direct, FBA or 3rd party)
4. the name of the seller (including when it’s FBA since it says who it is Sold By)
5. The available stock if the page is showing “Only x left in stock”.

It must be for new products only (we don’t want pricing or info for used products).

We have four other sites we need to scrape pricing from. For those, we will provide the manufacturer part numbers in a csv list.

The scarper will add the price to each row.

Please send a list of scraper you have developed in past for your client.

Send your proposal with price for developing scraper and how many days it will take you to develop such a scraper?

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on