Project Title: Business Listings Scraping from Google

Project Description:

Please read the entire job description before applying.

We are in need of a Google data scrape expert to perform a google scrape based on the following criteria:

1. Businesses based in the state of New Jersey (NJ), USA

2. Their website MUST make some mention of any of the phrases below which indicate that the business is a wholesaler.

And the more mention of more phrases, the better!

In fact, we should set the requirement that they should have at least 2 of the phrases below mentioned somewhere in their website, NOT just in the meta title, business name and meta description, but actually in the front-end body of the website.

Become A Retailer
Business customers ONLY
create resell account
dealer application
dealer portal
Email Wholesale Orders
emailing in wholesale orders
Existing Trade Customer
for trade orders
for wholesale orders
log in for price
login for pricing
log in for wholesale pricing
Log in to Add to Cart
Log in to See Price
log in to see product price
log in to view reseller price
login for price
Login for pricing
Login for wholesale pricing
Login to Add to Cart
Login to See Price
login to see product price
login to view reseller price
quick order form
Sign in for pricing
Sign in for trade pricing
Sign in for wholesale pricing
Sign in or Become A Retailer to view prices
Signin for pricing
Signin for trade pricing
Signin for wholesale pricing
Signin or Become A Retailer to view prices
Sign in to see price
Sign in to see the price
Signin to see price
Signin to see the price
Smart Order
trade only
Trade Pricing
vailid resell license
Valid business license required
we do not sell direct to the public
wholesale only
Wholesale order form

And in the output file, I would like you to include:
– Website URL
– Location

Initially I would like to see a test file of just 30 entries to ensure the accuracy before expanding the scope.

So, can you please provide pricing for:
a. 30 entry sample file
b. Entire listing of New Jersey websites meeting this criteria
c. Nationwide listing of 1,000 websites meeting this criteria (assuming there are less than 1,000 in New Jersey)


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