Project Title: Car Parts Scraping from Oriparts

Project Description:

The project is complete data scraping from the website

It is a website having a catalog of car parts arranged in a hierarchy system.

We require the data as well as the image file for the parts.

The format in which the data required is :
Car Make
Car Model
Engine Description
Chassis type
V No.
Body Type
Part Category
Part sub Cateogory 1
Fig No.
Part No.
Part Description
Image Name
Image Location
Page URL

If you can come up with even better format, no problem.

Please let us know the cost involved and the time required.

Partial data or un-clean data is of no use to us.

Sometimes at the last level of data, there are multiple tabs of data.

We have other web data scraping requirements as well but we would like to proceed with one project at a time.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on