Project Title: Contact List Building From Social Media Platforms

Project Description:
This role is for a fast growing consulting business in the US.

We are researching various leads that may be a fit for our consulting program.

The company has a set of searches, groups, hashtags, threads, and online locations of which we need you to go do some scraping and find prospects that fit our requirements that we will give you.

You do not have to contact them, you simply need to scrape their profiles and store the data in CSV file.

You MUST have experience and be highly proficient with…

– Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

You must be able to speak/write English clearly but you will not have to do any client facing communication.

Right now, this is a short-term project.

Depending on how well you do the job and the results created for the company, it could turn into a full-time role with more responsibility and room for growth.

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