Project Title : Create Product and Ingredient Database from Websites

Project Description :

I’m looking to create a product and ingredient database from publicly available information that exists on two websites (websites I will provide you before starting project).

I need 3 separate deliverables :

CSV 1: From a single webpage I’ll link to, chemical names and their description from a single page into two columns (Name, Description).

CSV 2: Taking this list of chemicals names and finding the appropriate page on a separate site that’s a public chemical database, extracting information from the page, including an associated list of products.

CSV 3: From the same website that also has a product database, a list of products and various attributes / ingredient. This list will be large (50,000) I think.

Ultimately I’m trying to
1) get a database of products and
2) Identify which of those products have the chemicals, or their synonyms, in list 1.

I’m open to better approaches than CSVing as well, whether that’s transforming the data and making it queryable as well.

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