Project Title : Create Tool For Amazon Products

Project Description :

I would like to get a easy tool for Amazon Products.

The Tool should :
– Open the German Amazon Homepage :-
– Enter / Copy & Paste a search phrase
– Wait for results loaded
– Search in the html page code for ASINS
– Write this ASIN results to a CSV / Excel-File (What I mean is, the output result from the tool should be a excel or csv file)
– Ignore “sponsored products / advertising” ASINS while extract the results

How it should work :
– Offline on a windows pc (possible run in chrome browser)
– I would like to import a CSV file to get the search phrases into the tool
– It should make a search queries with a randomized time interval (not start one after other, make a randomized break between 2-60 seconds) -> because amazon try to block IP’s with robotic queries
– Note the order of the results when writing to a csv /excel file.

This tool is for research purposes only and more information will be given to the successful candidate.

Can you please suggest the best price for create tool?

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