Project Title: Data Collection Tool for Micrmobility

Project Description:
Summary: This is a data-scraping, analysis reporting project involving data that available on certain micro mobility mobile apps.

This is for a micro mobility (Ex. shared scooters and e-bikes) research project focused on Asia.

We want a tool collects data and generates a report on trips. A trip is basically when a vehicle is used by a rider).

Proof of Concept: In the long-run, we will collect data from multiple micro mobility apps, each of which has different data collection challenges to over come.

Also we will collect data from multiple cities.

As a proof of concept, we will start with the Jump App in and the city of Melbourne where they have e-bikes. Jump has SSL pinning, and may have other features.

Deliverable: Data should be stored in a DB, there should be a server up and that constantly collects the data, and we should be able to generate a daily report easily (Ex. via query) with data including:

* List of vehicle IDs deployed hourly
* A record for every trip with start location (lat, log), end location, vehicle ID, startTimestamp, endTimestamp, providerName, city

Let me know if you can develop such a tool?

What would be the cost?

Looking forward to your reply!


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