Project Title: Data Extraction for UK Companies

Project Description:
I am looking to find organizations, which have the following profiles:

UK based
3+ job vacancies
30-250 organization size (If under 30 headcount, they must have recent funding over a million GBP £)

Here are a list of job boards that I’d like you to use:

The top priority is the Work in Startups job board:

Once the organization is found, I would like the following details:
Organization size,
Number of jobs,
Company URL and
Contact details of one of the following Head of People,
Head of HR,
Head of Talent,
Head of Internal Recruitment (Use LinkedIn to verify)

Our client is a software platform that makes hiring easier and more efficient.

Please target all industries apart from Hospitality and Retail (except for those who retail via eCommerce).

Required Fields and Formats:
First Name,
Last Name,
Job Title,
Company Size,
Email (I don’t want generic emails such as info@ , I only want named emails e.g

What are your thoughts and what’s the rough costing based on finding 50, 100, 200 and 250 companies / relevant contact details?

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on