Project Title: Extract 288 Blog Posts from Mytripjournal

Project Description:
I’d like to scrape all the blog posts on this website.

The end goal is to re-create this site in WordPress hosted elsewhere, but I will be doing that part.

I just need the old post content extracted.

Each post has the following that I would like to scrape:
The post title (the headline, not the HTML title)
The body copy of the post
The date it was published
The location it is assigned to (from the breadcrumbs)
Some photographs (not every post has photos)
Captions of photos (not every photo has a caption)
The original URL of the post

I’m thinking of an output in the format of a couple of CSV files.

The first for the post copy would contain: title, body, date, location, original URL

The photos would contain: photo file name, photo URL, photo caption, URL of the post it is attached to

Anyway, it’s a one off job, hopefully not too hard, but obviously requires skills that I do not have.

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