Project Title: Extract Contact List of Windows Installation Contractors

Project Description:

I need to scrape a contact list of Windows Installation Contractors in the United States.

I’m targeting the state of Florida first, then will expand nationwide.

I need the following information in a spreadsheet:
Company Name
Company Website
Products Offered
Street, City, Zip
Local Phone numbers (up to 3 total)
Toll free phone number
Email address (if they have one on their website)

Target Cities within Florida:
St. Petersburg
Port St. Lucie
Cape Coral
Fort Lauderdale

The best way to find these companies seems to be:
– Enter “Window Installation Company [enter city name]” into Google Search.
– Click to view all companies in the area with a Google business page
– From their Google business page, visit their website
– Pull all contact information available from website.

I’m open to other approaches for finding these company as well that may be more efficient based on your experience.

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