Project Title: Extract Corporate Law Attorneys from Martindale

Project Description:

We are looking to partner with someone who has experience performing data scrapes of directories and online sources. They will need to be efficient and provide the list of contacts in a timely and organized manner. We would want someone who knows how to build a code/system to perform the scrape to ensure fast and consistent results.

We will provide a link and specify filters to be used and will need the fields for each contact below put into a categorized excel or google sheet file for further analysis.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with us on many projects moving forward.

Here is an example to be able to provide pricing:

We are looking for a data scrape of the 8569 contacts in the link below. We have used filters for Corporate Law and Texas, USA.

Please provide a flat rate price for a project of this nature.. Also, very important is the length of time you can guarantee you will be able to provide the output excel/google sheet.

First Name:
Last Name:
Firm Name:
Mailing Address:
Area of Law:
Year of Admission:

What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?

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