Project Title: Extract Data from Brands Website Ernesternest

Project Description:

Ernesternest is a marketplace connecting independent brands & local retailers.

I’m looking for a web developer who’s capable of scraping products from a brand’s website and reformatting the data into a csv so it matches back-office uploading requirements.

Deliverable is the csv file (see example in attached files).

Here is website we need to scrape

Data fields:
Unique Id
Vendor Email
Option Name1
Option Value1
Option Name2
Option Value2
Option Name3
Option Value3
Variant SKU
Variant Grams
Variant Inventory Traking
Variant Qty
Variant Price
Variant Compare At Price
Variant Requires Shipping
Variant Barcode
Charge Taxes
Inventory Policy
Image Url
Product Handle
Product Metafield Title
Metafield Description
Prix de vente public

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