Project Title: Extract Data from City Database

Project Description:

I am looking to have data extracted from this database of building permits:

What I would like is the ability to input a search (e.g.: Avenue and Lawrence).

In turn, I would like the following fields collected from each of these screens:
• Results Table
• Application Detail
• Inspection Status
• Search Field (e.g.: Avenue and Lawrence)
• Application #
• Application Type
• Date
• Address
• Project Work
• Description
• Issued Date

Inspection Details (repeated for each entry in the inspection status table):
• Inspection Stage
• Inspection Status
• Inspection Date

For example the data would include the following columns InspecitonStage1, InspectionStatus1, InspectionDate1, InspectionStage2, InspectionStatus2, InspectionDate2 – and so on.

Please provide a brief data sample for the provided requirement.

This does not need to be a complete dataset – just a basic sample to demonstrate that you understand the ask.

I would also be interested in seeing any fields I may have missed and an understanding of how this could scale. From there, I will give you a set of 50 or so searches to extract the data further.

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