Project Title: Extract Legal Industry Business Information

Project Description:

I need someone who can help me acquire some information about businesses within the Legal Industry.

You will simply have to type into google the keywords I provide and then get the below for all the websites listed on pages 1-5 on Google:

1 Website URL
2 Company name
3 First name
4 Last name
5 Email address
6 LinkedIn Profile

The email address must be a personal email e.g “” and NOT “”

If you can not find the email address on the website, then you will need to follow the instructions I provide (which involves using a google search operation – “first name”

I have already created the spreadsheet for you, you just need to fill it out.

I have LOTS more similar work to this, I’m looking for someone who’s efficient and can do the job properly.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on