Project Title: Extract Order Details from Grubhub

Project Description:

We need an automated script to fetch the data from automatically at a fixed frequency.

We will provide you the username and password to login in to Grubhub.

Below are the steps in details:

1) Script should run automatically and make user sign in into a Grubhub account on Grubhub website.

2) Then it should fetch the logged in user details, as well as all the order details.

3) Order information to be fetched from Grubhub needs to be inserted in to a local database.

Following information required:
1. Order No.
2. From Address
3. To Address

The above script needs to be run automatically at a fixed frequency like every 10 seconds or so, and fetch the data of the users.

User creds will be provided.

And multiple scripts must be able to run in parallel at a single system.

So that data can be fetched from multiple accounts at the same time from a single system.

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