Project Title: Extract Person’s Contact Details from ~2000 Websites

Project Description:

We need to get contact details for one or more persons in charge of recruiting new students, across approx. 2,000 university web sites.

We will send you the specific criteria of which universities worldwide should be looked up.

From each university, you should extract at least 1 and no more than 4 people who seem relevant.

For each person, you should extract the email and/or phone number.

The full project price is based on finding these details for the full 2,000 universities, with an average of 3 emails and 3 phones per university, so about 6,000 contact details in total.

If you find less than that, the payment will get prorated.

Please propose your fee for the project as well as state how quickly can you complete it.

If possible, please provide sample of 10 records for a review.


For similar work requirement feel free to email us on