Project Title: Extract Product Information from Amazon

Project Description:

We seek someone to scrape data from

The payment is by hour but we would need an estimate of the number of working hours to complete the job before we hire.

We would like to collect tea product characteristics information for the first 50 matches in the following link:

We would like to collect the following information from Amazon (ideally all of them, otherwise only the ones that are possible to be scrapped).

Please see the excel file for more detailed information about the data to be collected.

The Data to be collected:
Product Description
Non-discounted price
Amazon’s choice label; save x% (or x$) with coupon label;
Best seller label, the shipping cost
Sponsored label
Free returns information
Free shipping above X$ purchases
Free shipping above X$ purchase
Free shipping by Amazon Prime
Expected date of delivery without prime membership
Expected date of delivery with prime membership
International shipping eligible
Climate pledge friendly label
Carbon Neutral product by Natural Capital Partners label, Compact by Design label, Rainforest Alliance label, the count of tea bag, whether the product was classified as black tea, green tea, herbal tea, decaffeinated tea or caffeine free tea, the brand of the tea, the seller, the weight, the unit of weight, the dimensions (length, width, and height), the unit of the dimensions ( eg. inches), customers ranking, the text file of customer reviews, the number of customer reviews text, the sellers rankings in all categories.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

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