Project Title: Google Map Scrapping

Project Description:

1. I have had several attempts to get a database of information I need to run my business.
2. Primarily I need information for all New Zealand.
3. The nature of my business is that any E-marketing or Telemarketing must be to the Business Owner, so direct access is a priority.

As a minimum I need to collect:
a. Business Name
b. Business Phone Number
c. Owners Name
d. Owners Business Email Address
4. I am aware other information like Website, Street Address Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn Addresses can also be gathered in the process.
5. I have paid for in the past scrapes of LinkedIn but while this provides the company names persons name and title it rarely provided Phone numbers and even less so Email Addresses. It also was very dependent on getting the “title” right otherwise it’s just scrapped every “tittle” many of which were irrelevant.
6. I have also paid for, scrapes of Google (Auckland only) which provided about 45,000 records which included Company Name, address etc, of which about 90% had phone numbers and 30% had email addresses.
7. In the process of doing the scrape on just Auckland I discovered virtually the same script used to scrape Auckland could be used for all NZ, but would have to run a little longer, and hence freelancers are now telling me I could have had the whole of NZ (200,000) records for about the same price as Auckland (45000) as the work was not much different – hence I’m disappointed with not being told this earlier.

The point of this project is to get the most ACCURATE/QUALITY information for the least price as soon as possible.

Also, different freelancers have said the total number of NZ businesses are 120K, 150K, 180K, 200K and even had one say they can find 250K.

Also I know some of these already have this data as they could send immediately and verify how old it is.

So, as you can see, I have a reluctance to trust anyone currently. So, what I want to know is
• How many NZ businesses can I have?
• How many are likely to provide email and phone numbers.
• At what cost to get different alternatives?

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