Project Title: Product Details Scraping from

Project Description:

I’m looking for a skilled website scraper to extract data from

The CSV will contain the products from each of the 5 brands listed on the site. This can either be 1 master file or 5 different Brand files.

Information required
Brand > Title > Category > Sub-Category > Product Type > Short Description > Long description > Features > Specifications > Purchase Price > RRP > SKU > Custom SKU > EAN Barcode > Commodity Code > Country of Manufacture > Net Weight KG > Width cm > Height cm > Depth cm > Primary Image URL> Image URL’s (up to 12 images max)

Custom SKU is a unique code given by us. it is our internal supplier no. + Products SKU.

For example, our supplier number for FBT Audio is 125- So the custom SKU on item Ventis 115A Active Speaker is 125-40642

Item title consists of Brand name + title. For example – FBT Audio Ventis 115A Active Speaker

On the Stagecore products, I would like additional columns containing Connector A > Connector B > Length > Colour. As shown on each product page.

I will attach 2 additional files.

A current FBT Audio incomplete file that information can be taken from.

A previous file for reference that we have successfully uploaded from a different supplier website –

I am aware that some of the information is unavailable but I am looking to gather as much data as possible from this scrape.

Thank you for taking the time to read this job description.

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