Project Title: Restaurants Data Scraping from Yelp

Project Description:

I need to scrape some data for a project from Yelp’s listing focused in Restaurant listing.

If I do a simple search in Yelp’s website for “Location= Peachtree Corners, GA” and select “Restaurants” There are a total of approximately 4,770 restaurants that will populate.

Task (view project file “Step1”):

go to:
#1 – in the near area, enter : Peachtree Corners, GA
#2 – Click: Restaurants

What I need from each Restaurant is the following information.

1. Restaurant Name
2. Claimed (yes/no)
3. Avg Price ($) – ie; 1,2,3,4
4. Category (this might be 1 or multiple items. If multiple, I need each category separated in different cell columns ie; Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, etc)
5. Address (Full address also in each cell column – street, address 2, City, State, Zip)
6. Hours (complete set Monday – Sunday split each day into its own column)
7. Website URL
8. Phone number
9. Full menu URL

Final deliverable needs to be provided via Excel spreadsheet.

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