Project Title: Scrape 300 Images for Photomosaic

Project Description:
I need a detail-oriented web researcher to collect 300 images from Google Image search.

These images will be used to make a “photomosaic,” a collection of image thumbnails that make up a larger image.

This photomosaic will be sent to the CEO of Yancey Bros, a Caterpillar dealer in Georgia:

All photos should be at least 400x300px.

They should be downloaded and collected in any feasible format.

In particular I’m looking for:

– Photos of Yancey employees, buildings, equipment. Historical photos are also great.

– Generic photos of yellow Caterpillar equipment, preferably tracked vehicles like bulldozers and trackhoes.

You can search by popular model numbers, like the D10 (a Cat bulldozer).

Ideally I’d like at least 100 images that are specific to Yancey, and the remaining 200 can be generic equipment shots.

Here’s an example search that has a lot of good images for Yancey:…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz-img.7n2qP73ZE6E&ei=m9Z8XtOlEoHRtQan74CYAQ&safe=images&tbs=isz%3Alt%2Cislt%3Aqsvga&hl=en

Here’s what we don’t want:
– NO watermarked images
– banner ads with a lot of text

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