Project Title: Scrape Autoparts Ecommerce Website

Project Description:

The project is complete data scraping from the website It is an e-commerce website having car parts arranged in a hierarchy system. We require the data as well as few image file. No part images required though.

The format in which the data is required is like this:
1. Part Number
2. Part Name & Description
3. Category
4. Category Image (Url & File)
5. Sub-Category
6. Sub-Category Child (Wherever Applicable)
7. Class
8. Origin (OEM Only)
9. Car Maker
10. Car Maker Logo Image (Url & File)
11. Model Line
12. Model Line Image (Url & File)
13. Year Range
14. Modification (Variant)
15. Modification / Variant Image (Url & File)
16. Engine Type
17. Engine codes
18. Engine liters
19. Engine power

Sharing the order of priority:
1. Mahindra
3. Maruti
4. Hyundai
5. Ford
6. Toyota
7. Honda
8. Fiat
9. Nissan
10 Others

Please let us know the cost involved and the time required. Partial data or un-clean data is of no use to us.

It is essential that the applicant gives a fair estimate of time required.

We have other web data scraping requirements as well but we would like to proceed one project at a time.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on