Project Title: Scrape Bicycle Shops in US from Google Maps

Project Description:

I need to create a list of bicycle shops in the US along with certain other details, including:

* Bike shop name (see notes to see which bicycle shops to find)
* City
* State
* Website URL (if none, then Facebook URL)
* Phone
* Store email
* Owner’s name
* Owner’s email (different from the store email, if available)
* Linkedin URL
* Smartetailing shopping cart (Yes or no – see notes)


Results output – Place in a spreadsheet with the fields described as the columns.

How to find the bicycle shops?

Search google for the following terms:

“bicycle shops” “City Name”

Example: “bicycle shops” Dallas, Tx return the following result:

You will see a link at the bottom of the list of bicycle shops that says “View All”. Select this and you will see the list of stores to compile data on.

Search Bicycle shops in the following cities:
* Dallas, Tx
* Denver, Co
* Philadelphia, PA
* Atlanta, GA
* Nashville, TN
* Las Vegas, NV
* Go through as many as you can within your allotted hours. You should be able to do at least 20-30 bicycle shops in an hour.

Smartetailing shopping cart – right-click in Chrome and select “Page Source” from the available options. Once you are on the Page Source page select Ctrl F (for Windows) to find a word on that page – the word is “Smartetailing”. If the word is found on the page then select “Yes” as the result for this field entry.

Owner’s name – the best way to find is to search Google for the “bike shop name” and term “owner”

Other data – Facebook pages are great for finding the company email and phone number. Also, Facebook makes it easy to copy/paste from their pages.

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