Project Title: Scrape Business Listings from Google

Project Description:

We’re looking for someone that can help us compile a list of businesses quickly by scraping Google business listings.

Here’s a summary of the project:

– We have a list of 600 US cities.
– The scrape should search Google for companies in our niche for each of the 600 cities. For example, “[example services] in [city], [state]”.
– We’re interested in finding each company’s name, phone number, website, and address (street, city, state, zip).
– We’re fine with putting limits on this. For example, perhaps we only gather the first 10 results per search, or only results with a company website listed, etc. We’re open to ideas that make the process easier for you.
– The final list should be returned in an Excel spreadsheet (CSV is fine).

No need to send a long cover letter. We’re more interested in your availability, estimated time to completion, and whether this can be done successfully. And we’re happy to answer any questions about the project.

Thanks for your interest!

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