Project Title: Scrape Car Postings Daily from

Project Description:

I need to scrape this website for car details.

a) You have to make a interface where I can see pictures of their cars.
b) I get to choose the car I want, then you have to scrape this cars data and pictures and insert into my db.

Are you able to scrape the following data fields?

– Make
– Model
– Year
– Price
– Condition
– Images
– Price
– Ref. No.
– Chassis No.
– Mileage
– Engine Size
– Transmission
– Manufacture Year/month
– Mileage
– Ext. Color
– Fuel
– Features


a) scrape the entire site, all 130,000+ cars with pictures and include the data in my db.
b) continuously monitor the site for new car posting and then scrape those as well.

It is unknown of they have limitations on the amount of pages that can be viewed in a single day/hour/minute etc.

Please respond to this ASAP.

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