Project Title: Scrape Content from Wikipedia

Project Description:

We are looking for data extraction expert in extracting structured data from Wikipedia.

We plan to scrape this data for each Country:
Language Stats
Country Stats
Economy Stats
Companies Stats

The process starts from Language first:

Here you will find in the second list (second column) the languages with links direct to the official language stats…

Scrap Data from: (For each Country just replace the Country with another country from the wikipedia) and it will work (example replace Romania with Germany) and you will get all the data for germany, but first you need to start from the list of languages and from there you will get your first link.

We need this for all countries/languages… I will explain better the task in a call

Here is the field/data I need from Wikipedia:
Source Link
Field Name
Sample Data

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on