Project Title: Scrape Data from Multiple Car Websites

Project Description:

I would like to periodically analyse and compare the data of multiple car websites.

I require for specific offered cars on the websites (see below which ones) certain data fields to be automatically 1. scraped and 2. put into an excel or google worksheet, and if possible 3. visualized with some basic graphs.

This needs to be done automatically once a day or twice a week. The data must be presented in the Excel in such a way to do analyses, filter the data (e.g. only cars younger than 2015) and make additional graphs.

The sites that need to be scrapped:

To lower the number of entries to be scrapped the search can be narrowed down to the following type of cars:

1st type of car:
Stationwagon (also called “touring” or “kombi”)
All years
Automatic gears

2nd type of car:
Hatchback (so NOT stationwagon)
All years

Data per car to be scrapped:
– Type of car (for the BMW it is 520, 528, etc.) (for the Golf it is model I,II, III, VI, V, etc)
– Registration Date
– Kilometres driven
– Vehicle Condition (damaged / accident free / etc.)
– Description of the car (string of words of all the features)
– The corresponding link to the page of the car
– Price (sometimes two prices are given in Germany (a net and gross price), so maybe need two separate columns
– Horsepower of the car
– CO2 usage
– Color
– Address or at least city

We can discuss all the details and meaning of each data point in a short call before we agree to do the job.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on