Project Title: Scrape eBay Product Listings

Project Description:

I am looking for someone to scrape eBay Product listings.

For the eBay work I need the script to do the following:
– Take inputs as a name of item to be searched
– Outputs the following from each sold item.

Must have:
Product Title
Product Description
Price Sold
Shipping and all Photos.

Optional: the number of feedbacks and positive feedback% of the seller.

The written data can be stored in a data frame or saved to a csv, and the photos can be saved to a file with a tag that is matched in the written data.

I would like to discuss what the proper way of scraping this site. I do not want to be banned by either service and I would like someone with experience to walk me through if this is possible to do without getting banned.

How much would you charge?

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on