Project Title: Scrape Email Addresses from University Websites

Project Description:

We are a company that helps university educators to improve their courses. We do this by supporting them in implementing the use of real life challenges (with real companies) in their courses.

In order to further expand from the Netherlands, we would like to work with a professional who can help us in collecting quality email addresses from the university websites.

Usually, we would gather the data from the Course Catalogues from the University websites.

We are now interested in scraping the information from a selection of universities in Berlin and Munchen. We are mainly interested in contacting course coordinators who are teaching Master courses.

We would need an excel sheet with the following rows:
First name
Last name
Title (Such as professor)
Name of the faculty that he or she is working at
Names of the courses that he/she is teaching
Whether this is a Bachelor or a Master course

We are looking for a someone who is passionate about education, and passionate about working on a projects that aims to transform the education system by further connecting theory with real life experience.

If we are satisfied with the work, this may turn out to be a longer term project.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on