Project Title: Scrape Houses for Rent in Spain

Project Description:

We are looking for someone with extensive experience in web scraping.

The site to scrape is a real estate site in Spain:

It doesn’t have captchas, it should be simple to scrape.

The key deliverable are:
– A function that can be called to scrape the site, with three parameters: offer type, location and property type. For example: (Buy, Madrid, Flats), or (Rent, Valencia, Parking Lots), or (Share, Zaragoza, Offices). It must also be able to accept (All, All, All), to do a full sweep.

– All data points in the page will be scraped, including location coordinates from the map, descriptions, properties, etc. A full list will be provided.

– The scripting function will use a recursive logic: it will start from top level location, and sweep over all the sub-locations as given by the site, one by one until entire region is completed. An example will be provided.

– A proxy service will set up to avoid detection.

– The output of the function will be stored in AWS S3 bucket as csv / json.

– The script / proxy will notify via e-mail when requests are being blocked, to alert fixing is required.

I realize that we may need to reinforce the specification a bit more, but are you able to give a nominal quote?

Please let us know how much rate and time you require for the job.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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