Project Title: Scrape Instagram Posts and Comments

Project Description:

This website lists 15 virtual influencers:

Your task:

1. Access each of the 15 Instagram profiles.

2. Collect each post of a given influencer, with the following information:
influencer name (i.e., account name)
post id
post text
post picture
post date
number of likes

3. Collect as many comments as possible.

This would be a separate file with the following information:
influencer name
post id
username of person commenting
comment text

My idea is to analyze the content posted “by” virtual influencers (=people that don’t exist).

Various analyses could be conducted based on data collected in Step 2, including sentiment analysis, personality analysis, multimodal regression (i.e., how pictures and text predict likes of a virtual influencer post).

Step 3 would enable qualitative analyses, such as how do people form emotional relationships with virtual characters.

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