Project Title: Scrape Instagram Profiles

Project Description:

The goal is to scrape Instagram publicly visible profiles.

This is to be done by using hashtag(s) as search terms, or by scraping the followers of a given instagram user’s account.

The most important data point to extract is the business listed emails hidden behind the javascript ‘contact’ button.

Goals of the Program:

1.Scrape Instagram users who are listed as followers of an account (for example Donald Trump has 19 million followers; scrape his followers IDs).

2.Then crawl and scrape those individual followers profiles (if they are publically visible) looking for emails either in the profile description (if a personal page)

3.Then export the data as CSV with the below columns of data:

– Instagram profile URL

– Instagram username

– Follower Count

– Following count

– Email listed on the account (if in profile description AND/OR hidden behind contact button)

– Phone number (if listed on profile)

– Website (if listed on profile)

– Full address (if listed on profile)

– Country (if listed in profile)

– Instagram category (on business profiles)

– Total number of posts

– Engagement rate

– Last post date

– Post URL

Any additional data you can pull can also be included.

Duplicate values to be automatically removed at the point of export.

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